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We are located one hour north of Puerta Vallarta in the town of Los Ayala, on the beautiful coast of Nayarit, Mexico. Our home is just one block from the nicest swimming beach in the area, much nicer than those offered in Puerta Vallarta or most of Mexico’s west coast. Los Ayala is one of three beach towns located side by side, all within walking distance of one another. The other two towns are Rin Con de Guayabitos and La Penita.

The Los Ayala beach - just one block from our home.

The Atmosphere: A vacation to this area is a nice choice for those who want more of the Mexican culture and less of the American-style tourist resort. This is a stress-free, easy-going atmosphere among palm trees and sandy beaches. The climate in winter is ideal - sunny, dry and cooler at night. There are very few annoying insects. This area evolved primarily as a tourist resort for Mexican families. As a result, Spanish is mostly spoken, and the cost for all your needs is very affordable. Hundreds of gringos (mostly Canadians) have discovered this area by word of mouth in recent years, and a growing number of them return to spend winters. It is a safe and peaceful area with friendly people, strong in Mexican culture and many things to do and stimulate the mind.

Casa Linda is a private home containing three self-contained studio suites, each suitable for one couple or a single person only. They are well appointed, clean, safe, and cozy and tastefully designed for long term snowbirds. The bedroom and kitchen area are in one room, while the bathroom is separate. Each suite is equipped with a queen-size bed, fridge, stove, towels & linens, all of the necessary cooking & eating utensils, and a private outdoor covered patio with table and chairs. There is also a common social area in the yard including a gas barbecue, an outdoor shower and a foot bath to wash off the beach sand.

We are not a hotel. Our home becomes your home. We’ll start you off with a clean set of towels and sheets, and you’re on your own thereafter (we provide top-of-the-line “Mexican style” laundry facilities and cleaning supplies).

Rin Con de Guayabitos (corner of the little guava fruit) - a 10-minute walk from our home.

Things to do in the area...
At home: Our yard is a very comfortable place to relax, read, socialize or you may borrow any of our board games, jigsaw puzzles, etc.
Walking and hiking: an ideal area for this - along the beaches, up hills, into the jungle, and browsing through the villages.
Boat tours: Sightseeing, fishing, whale watching.
Boogie boarding: You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy riding the waves in this area. Fun and safe.
Mexican markets: An interesting part of the culture, offering fruits and veggies, artwork, gift items, etc.
The beach: Swim and sun tan of course but do experience the vendors selling their wares, the mariachis and the Mexican families on vacation.
Eating out: There are dozens of restaurants and food vendors selling authentic Mexican treats (not Tex-Mex).
Entertainment: “Lighter” forms, but a relatively constant amount of things to see & do. Live music and dancing are becoming more popular.
Side trips: This is an ideal area to use as a home base for a variety of interesting excursions. There are several small towns that are easily accessible and a short distance away, as well as the cities of Puerta Vallarta, San Blas, Compostella Tequila and Tepic. Guadalajara, and the surrounding area, as well as Guanaiato, Morelia and other secret destinations should be considered for an excursion of two or more days.

The Guayabitos Beach
- just a 10-minute walk from our home.

River meets ocean
- dividing Guayabitos from LaPenita.

The Los Ayala Beach
- just one block from our home.

Kissing Beach (playa del beso)
- access by hiking path, 10 minutes away.
Thursday Market
- in LaPenita
Punta Raza Beach
- one hour hike from our home.

Boogie Boarding
- an ideal area for this sport, consistent waves and very safe.

Transportation: A car is not necessary in this area. All of your needs are within walking distance or you may travel Mexican style by “combi/collectivo” vans. They are convenient and inexpensive. As well, taxis are available 24 hours per day. For longer trips, the Mexican bus system is comfortable, convenient and reasonably priced.
From Puerta Vallarta to Los Ayala: It is most convenient to take a taxi from the airport directly to our home. You can negotiate a lower price for a smaller four-cylinder car at the airport or cart your luggage across the highway from the airport, for the best prices (approximately $70 Cdn for a one hour ride).

Food & water: The tap water in this area is potable and safe to drink. However, bottled water is inexpensive and conveniently delivered to the home. There is a large variety of quality fruits & vegetables grown in the local area. Fresh fish and seafood are available daily as well as chicken, pork and beef. You may cook your own meals or eat out at several different restaurants. Good food at reasonable prices.

Money: Obtaining pesos at a bank machine with your credit or debit card is more convenient and offers a better rate than exchanging traveller?s cheques or foreign currency. It is a good idea to obtain enough Mexican pesos at your bank in Canada to carry you for at least one week or more. Mexico is primarily a cash country and you will be using Mexican pesos for all your purchases

Communication: We have internet available and a telephone in our home.

We have vacationed each year for over 30 years in tropical countries and travelled by land over most of Mexico. There are many reasons why we have chosen Los Ayala as our winter home. Even though there is no one place that will satisfy everyone, the vast majority of snowbirds who have discovered this area do want to return. We welcome you to our home, we speak Spanish, and we’ll do our best to assist you and make you feel comfortable during your stay in this little piece of paradise.

...Best of moments on your vacation,
Orlando & Linda


PHONE/FAX: (direct from Canada/USA) 011-52 (327) 274-0954
In Canada: (250) 558-7888

E-mail: [email protected]

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